Christian Louboutin a red scarlet success!

Who created the shoe with the most famous colored sole in the world? He was the genius of “a certain” designer called Christian Louboutin and the desired and desired color is scarlet red.

scarpe louboutin nero rosso scarlatto

Christian Louboutin black décolleté

That red that has always been the symbol of passion, that scarlet red that has become red Louboutin , an unmistakable and sexy detail, a detail that the whole world knows and loves. Treated by critics, acclaimed by the stars, craved by the fetish, king of bourlesque, has become the sign of recognition par excellence … all in one sole, incredible but true.

scarpe louboutin borchie

Gold leather studs and red sole

Christian Louboutin made his way to the streets, when he came to the suburbs of Paris where he was born, he started designing for the Folies Bergères, then he worked with Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, coming in the presence of Roger Vivier in his office style was dazzled by the beauty of the haute couture footwear of the maison, falling in love with a pair of diamond pumps by Marlene Dietrich from which she drew inspiration and drive to create her company.

scarpe Louboutin sandalo metal in New York

Louboutin sandal metal @ New York

It was the year 1993 when during the creation and the observation of the sketches of the “Pensèes” collection , Christian Louboutin realized that something revolutionary was lacking in his works, and here is the flash of genius! He picked up the red enamel identified in the bag of his assistant and painted the sole of a shoe, transforming it from pink crepe to scarlet red, and voila: the detail that would have signed and emphasized even the simplest of his vertiginous heels became the sign of recognition of the Maison . Thus a worldwide success was born thanks to his skilful pencil, the sought-after Parisian craftsmanship and the fabulous scarlet red sole.

francesine louboutin

Louboutin francesine … à Paris

From here on a riot of films, exhibitions, quotes, awards, books and collaborations.

From the beloved Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City , to Bling Ring , to the brand new Cinderella who has the honor of wearing the crystal slipper that is the dream of every child, signed Christian Louboutin which is the dream of every woman.

Louboutin Cinderella

A Cinderella signed by Louboutin

carrie bradshaw in louboutin

Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

And a photographic exhibition by David Lynch with a fetish theme in Paris and one at the Design Museum in London, creations dedicated to movie stars, among the most famous ” Blake “, dedicated to the actress Blake Lively, her fan and friend; and a special birthday or the 20 year anniversary of the brand celebrated with a capsule of 20 shoes and bags.

Louboutin campagna pubblicitaria 2015

Spring 2015 advertising campaign

Combined with jeans and a white tank top, a worn-out leather jacket , worn with a classic-style sheath dress, vertiginous necklines, tops , open shoulders, turtlenecks, with a duster , along with the easiest of cigarette pants, with leggings, a maxi t-shirt, a cocktail dress , evening, great evening, with bare feet or fishnet stockings … we continue?

scarpe christian louboutin rosa

Pink baby jeans and Louboutin

We could go on forever and then even further and we will never get to the end of this journey … a journey that becomes the dream of every woman, a journey that also love men when they see an ankle ending in a black, vinyl and leather décolleté extreme and arrives in that sole … the sole!

scarpe Christian louboutin nere

The unmistakable black and the scarlet red Christian Louboutin

“The red sole of my shoes is like a handkerchief, which an elegant woman lets fall if she sees a man who attracts her” . Cita. Well, we can not help but agree with him and let the images of dream and success speak, a red scarlet success signed by Christian Louboutin.