High-heeled shoes, an indissoluble love

High-heeled shoes : sensual, transgressive, chic, timeless, carnal. They are made to love, they are made to hate but in the end they create dependence and compulsive shopping.

Fluorescent and plastic trend

Day and night versions: decolleté, sandal with plateau and without, minimum heel: 10 cm – maximum: do not know- , open toe, chanel … make the woman’s calf and ankle an exciting object of desire.

The choice of style of some catwalks sometimes does not reward them, but consumerism and the market rewards them all right!

The plateau is still a must

Think of Manolo Blahnik who, thanks to the fine and perfect manufacturing, makes that dizzy stilts of 14 cm become as comfortable and balanced as possible; think of Jimmy Choo whose brand has become an undisputed fashion icon so much to be remembered and quoted in the cinema, think of Louboutin that focuses everything in the scarlet red sole, think of Giuseppe Zanott i that embellishes his creations of opulent finishes, excessive but fabulous and think of all the maison as: Chanel , Dior , Vuitton , Prada , Miu Miu , whose core business is not the shoe, but that willy-nilly has become one of the strengths and eagerly searching for style.

Loboutin nude look

Finally, think of all the endless series of heels: stiletto, tail, comma, stiletto heel, French heel, Italian, spool, square heel, Cuban in short, a giant industry with an induced that is really scary in both high fashion, in pret à porter and in fast fashion.

A bit of look …

Perfect heeled shoes during the day for sensuality, for purity in detail, for style and material; in an indissoluble bond with the bag, they become precious with the sheath dress, indispensable with a palace trousers, timeless with an easy and very dark jeans.

Precious and classy stiletto

High-heeled shoes   fabulous for a business lunch when combined with an easy dress with a soft cut and a destructured jacket are absolute protagonists in combination with minimalist and ultra-comfortable accessories such as maxi-bag and 24 hours.

balenciaga scarpa con tacco a stiletto

Balenciaga stiletto black and white

The shoes with undeniable heels for the night , fantastic with mini stretch dresses but also with softer lines maybe cut under the breast, supreme with girlfiend jeans and tops, wonderful with silk poncho (new trend of the summer) and captivating with long dresses especially in the beloved jewel sandal versions.

Sophia Webster sandal jewel heel 12

The absolute heeled shoes at any time of the day, in short, a fairy tale that has and will never end, after all sorry dear friends of MeA, but Cinderella certainly did not lose a little duck at the grand ball!

louboutin con cinturino

Ankle strap

Giuseppe zanotti sandalo oro e velluto