Jackets in sequins? Yes thanks!

The parties are approaching and MeA has a lot of desire: jacket in sequins !!!

This shimmering mood that guides us to the parties, by now knocks inexorably at our doors and today we want to bring on the throne the sequin jacket as a fundamental garment for your glam moments. The combination proposed by MeA is very simple but really effective …. Just a little taste, a bit of irony and a dose of glam! White boy-jeans top-boots with stiletto heels and …… the sequined jacket! 


The jacket

Stiletto & Stiletto

top bianco con giacchino in paillettes

The top

boyfriend-jeans- e giacchino in paillettes


First of all the make-up must show something strong, intense and mysterious, it must flood your personality and make it ethereal but impressive, so you dare with the smokey-eyes leaving the diaphanous complexion. If you have forgotten, take a look at our post blue Rhythm by Chanel. 

The make-up

paillettes dettagli trucco

Combine your sequin jacket with a white silk top, very easy and discarded perhaps delavè with tips that float in the air thanks to the impalpable fabric: definitely in chiffon or very light viscose, tends to be sleeveless and around the neck, but they are also very nice and appealing versions with the “V” neckline or with the buttons. giacchino in paillettes dettagli 2

The boy jeans

Wear the inevitable boyfriend jeans, rigorously ripped blue and turned over to the brim; of course heels can not be missing for which the stiletto heel boot is absolute in an outfit of this type, if instead you are a fan of the décolleté opt for an open-toe that makes the ensemble even more sexy. 

giacchino in paillettes look completo

Total look

Denim, la parola d’ordine dell’estate!

Dare with the details: we chose the gold for the zip of the ankle boot to defuse and emphasize, we loved the strong contrast with the jacket and we added a strictly black and super micro clutch; finally do not be afraid to leave your hair free and choose a blur because it really does justice to this look. What will be the next trend that MeA will choose only for you? For now as an appetizer: the sequined jacket is served! Model: Raffaella Zangari Photo: Stefania Zuccarino Make-up: Stefania Maina by Cipriarosa