Kelly by Hermès: a bag forever

Bramata, adored and desired, as unreachable as it is chic: it is called Kelly, it was born in 1937 and its years it takes them very well; we are talking about one of the most famous bags in the world: Hermès Kelly.

hermes-kelly arancione

The story goes that the brothers Adolphe and Émile-Maurice , (grandchildren of the founder of Maison Thierry Hermès ) turned shopping born years before, essentially as a saddlebag, into a brand new day shopper. They reduced its size, adopted new, softer and nicely processed leathers and magically became a wonderful walking bag.

At that point the escalation towards the summit was all downhill, in fact after becoming famous already on its own, the next step was: to become an icon.

How to do? A stroke of luck / skill.

In 1956 , Grace Kelly, the blonde, timeless, fabulous Hollywood actress, who had recently become Princess of Monaco, hid the still small but visible tummy behind one of her 12 Hermes to hide the eyes of the world . Well, the photo was literally catapulted on the cover of Life and for Hermès, from that moment everything was no longer as before and that beautiful accessory but without any identity, turned into a timeless icon, to be baptized with the name of the woman that made her famous: (Grace) Kelly .


Everything else is history.

The biblical times of waiting to have a Kelly by Hermès show how much its value and value are, so much so that in the United States vintage stores that are able to buy it sell it in the blink of an eye … (although honestly I do not I would sell even for all the gold in the world cit.)

Absolutely by day, roomy, enveloping and full of pockets and compartments, it is fabulous if colored, regal if black or cognac, strong in crocodile and glam in snake.

Do you want to wear it with jeans? It’s perfect!

Do you want to wear it with a suit? It is absolute!

Do you want to wear it with a flamboyant dress? It is inimitable!

kelly hermes nera

She has never changed, it is always Kelly is always beautiful and young as in 1937.