Make-up Chanel blue rhythm …. look graphic!

We loved this make-up Chanel blue rhythm that we want to tell you the rhythm (in fact) and how it is done!

water and soap

The blue rhythm starts from the eyes and arrives at the nails, the gaze becomes intense and deep, the diaphanous complexion to make room for the eyes that are the focal point of this make-up whose unique ally is the transparent and plumping gloss shine; in short, a graphic smokey that loves and caresses especially the night, thanks to its palette that goes from dark blue to deep gray, declined in cold colors and that makes the evening even more rock!


Let’s see how it is accomplished in five steps

We asked our make-up artist Stefania Maina by Cipriarosa, to make the make-up Chanel blue rhythm and so here it is to you in a few steps!

First step the primer: Le Blanc de Chanel that uniforms and fixes

Second step the foundation (light opaque effect) : Perfection Lumiere Velvet that makes the skin super smooth.

And here’s the hot part!

The third step is the focus: Midnight eye shadow 118, Les 4 ombre 244 Tissé Jazz, the brilliant Swing 116 Ombre Essentielle, the black khol and the new ultra-noir mascara volume n. 90!

Make-up occhi Chanel blue rhythm

Eyes to make deep

Make-up dettaglio Chanel blue rhythm

Graphic effect eyes

Now that you have all the products, here are some little pill of wisdom. .. The first thing to do is to structure the bezel by applying the night blue on the mobile eyelid, fading outwards extreme, thus intensifying the color as much as possible (if necessary retouch with the cotton bud removing the excess product); after pply pencil on the bottom of the eye and invigorate with Tissé Jazz in nuance “fatal black” on the exterior to give depth; to give the optical effect in 3D the time has come to use the swing 116 applying it on the whole eyelid and structuring it with the black khol pencil. Finally apply the ultra-noir volume mascara for an even darker effect and sharply outline the eyebrows.


Sharp and dense eyebrows

Fourth step the lips : 477 Reveuse rouge Coco Shine and Gloss volume transparent to apply with generosity.

Make-up Chanel blue rhythm gloss

The gloss

Fifth step the cheeks : use the Rose Initial 72 from the bottom up, to slightly color the complexion.

The blush

And the nails ? Obviously super exuberant and rock with Les Vernis nail color Vibrato n. 665

The Polish

The matching look of MeA with the make-up Chanel Blue rhythm?

A boyfrend jeans , a very distinguished white top and delavé, your favorite blazer best if black satin and very high open toe! Password: get noticed!

Make-up Chanel blue rhythm look completo

Boyfriend jeans, blazer and open toe

Loose hair and a lot of rhythm, with the Chanel Make-up blue rhythm!