Milan fashion man

Milan starts to stumble, Milan fashion man arrives!

From Hogan to John Richmond, from Bottega Veneta to Versace, from men’s bags to soft cashmere, from vinyl to leather; Milan makes room for everyone to both the sacred and the emerging monsters, here they are to explain how they will dress the boys in the coming winter.

Do not miss the usual impromptu creations if we want a little too ‘turned to amaze, there are various approaches to the female world, there are no horrible and uncomfortable that we will not see sincerely, or rather, we hope not to see too much around during the next winter.

But let’s get to the point.

We deeply loved N. 21 with its sweaters in soft merino wool with long workmanship, combined with trousers from the pure seventies style, we loved the wonderful double-breasted couture cuts by Salvatore Ferragamo who, as usual, used purely winter fabrics as the tartan and the loden with skill and skill combining them with soft knitted braids in natural colors in matching colors and ton sur ton.

Milan men’s fashion continues and there is no shortage of fur details in the Versace collection that marries the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoversize, declined in fur coats , huge sweaters and fabulous maxi scarves in warm cashmere, inserting in the collection the great return – in the woman in the man- of the backpack or backpack proposed in soft leather processing boar.


Ferragamo Fall 2015

Fendi focuses on accessories for next fall-winter and proposes the man-bags in boiled wool with hanging fetishes, stuffed animals and scarves in the same material not forgetting that the trend is called backpack, sometimes sporty and sometimes serious but usable at every occurrence making it the true core business of the collection, almost overshadowing the coarse sweaters, the tight trousers and the square moccasins with tank bottom.

The podium for the coolest accessory of the catwalks we give it to Kenzo that makes man walk in innovative amphibians from leather in brushed calfskin with hammer work done in black but also in powder blue and orange in the most skillful of contrasts hot cold that lights up and amazes.

But let’s get to the sore notes according to us!

The mystical crisis of Dolce & Gabbana continues: damask velvet sweatshirts, jackets, so to speak, ornamental, sweatshirts and trousers that show paintings of works of art, jackets with tuxedo lapels. We want to stop here… pretentious? Opulent or boring?

Hogan Brand proposes jackets in the mid-eighties and nineties that combines with pants, sweaters and boots in milky white. But this total white does not do a little “tronista a Cortina”?

Hogan Man Fall Winter 2015 2016

Hogan Brand Fall 2015

Probably someone will tell us that we do not understand anything fashionable but the man dressed in the transparent plastic pinafore by Walter Van Beirendonck what does he want to represent? The border between the ridiculous and the fashion is subtle but certainly not impalpable.

Walter Van Beirendonck

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall 2015

MeA and Milan fashion men pass and close!

The arduous sentence is yours.